Sigma Kappa

Why Sigma Kappa?

Why Sigma Kappa?

Benefits of joining Sigma Kappa:


Sigma Kappa grants leadership opportunities to all of our members, through committee, chairman, and executive positions. Personal growth is one of our core values in Sigma Kappa, which is why sisters wanting to get more involved with the chapter are encouraged to do so! Through the commitment and support of sisters in leadership roles, the management of our chapter is constantly evolving and growing.



Sigma Kappa offers its members a unique experience of sisterhood and friendship that is unconditional and unending. The treasured moments you will share with your big sis, studying with your sisters, and spending time together during various events create memories you cannot find anywhere else. While each member of Sigma Kappa is different, we bring out the best in each other to promote bonds that will last a lifetime!



Academic success is a vital part of our sisterhood in Sigma Kappa, which is why we promote good study habits and academic success through individual recognition and a SKredit system that accounts for good grades, study hours, and promotes overall academic excellence. Sigma Kappa awarded over 70 scholarships and over $100,000 last year! We are so proud of our chapter's academic excellence thus far and hope to continue to grow and thrive as a chapter in the UAB community.



Sigma Kappa sisters are committed to our value of service and loyalty, which is why we participate in donating time, money, and talent for various philanthropy events. In 2018, our chapter raised over $10,000 for the Walk to End Alzheimers, Sigma Kappa's main annual philanthropy event. Sigma Kappa offers a more complete college experience through our commitment to serve others, both in the community and nationally. 


Sigma Kappa is a member of the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC), an umbrella organization for 26 inter/national women's fraternities and sororities. Each member group is autonomous as a social, Greek-letter society. Each college campus has its own collegiate Panhellenic organization. As a member of NPC, Sigma Kappa recruits members under NPC guidelines and those of the local Panhellenic organization.